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History of Baotou

In 1809 Baotou Town was set up.

Economy of Baotou

Baotou, lies in the north of North China, the middle of Inner Mongolia, is the hinterland of Bohai-Rim Economic Circle and the tri-angular Hohhot-Baotou-Ordos area.

Featured farm products made a good harvest

West laozangying village, Salaqi town, Tumd Right Banner ‘s 1500 acres Chinese artichoke planting has made a good harvest.

Vegetables investigation and guidance

Jiuyuan now has 13 science and technology correspondents.

Reaping in the golden autumn

The Women’s Federation of Jiuyuan district come to Beitan village held an activity to help the farmer reap in the vegetables.

National unity activity held

The 36th “national unity and progress month” activity held at Jiuyuan Cultural square on September 9.


Leadership member of the Baotou municipal Party standing committee.